La mano amiga: About Us


Your clients have questions.

"How can I afford healthcare services?"
"How can I help my child in school?"
"Where can I learn English?"
"How do I start a small business?"

La mano amiga answers those questions.

Our website includes more than 350 indexed articles from La Mano Amiga Magazine, an evergreen publication written in Spanish at low-literacy levels for Spanish-reliant Latinos. You can print out articles, or even complete issues, and distribute them to your clients, or you can direct Spanish speakers to our Spanish web pages where they can research topics for themselves.

Our Vision

As members of a nation of immigrants, we believe our country can see the latest waves of newcomers succeed, achieve, and contribute just as the generations before them have prevailed. We envision a United States with greater prosperity, greater cross-cultural understanding, and greater access to opportunity. Our society can only achieve its full potential when every group is contributing to our collective American Dream.