La mano amiga: The Helping Hand


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Free Spanish-language resources to help you help your Latino clients.

Speedy English short English as a second language lessons featuring videos and study guides to help beginning learners study on their own.

More than 350 articles in Spanish (and indexed in Spanish and English) on careers, children and youth, citizenship, consumer protection, economy, education, environment, finance, health, law, learning English, nutrition, safety, seniors, services, and U.S. culture.

More than 250 fact sheets in Spanish (and indexed in Spanish and English) developed by government agencies and leading nonprofits for Spanish-reliant Latinos.

Our World Economics lesson plans, activities and videos for teachers of English-speaking teens and tweens.

Entire issues of La Mano Amiga Magazine, an evergreen Spanish-language magazine written at low-literacy levels for recent Latino immigrants (indexed in Spanish and English).

Radio documentaries in Spanish on the U.S. criminal justice system and on adolescent immigrants and short format PSAs on numerous topics.

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